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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807
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About Us

About Us


We are a unique and innovative way of knowing the best that Portugal has to offer.


WOW Hint comes from years of passion for people, lovers of good things in life and passionate about the beautiful and diverse country that Portugal is. Above all, show the world the land that discovered it. And yet, to many, unknown and surrounded by mysteries.

For years, for professional or for personal reasons, WOW ‘s founders travel through the Country, experiencing, admiring, exploring, knowing and qualifying the virtues of this planted seaside garden.


What we do? Everything! And something else …

With an accurate and thorough knowledge of our land, whose beauty we feel like few, and made with the love and spirit of truth, we selected the best landscapes, walks, restaurants, museums, gardens, etc., in order to provide you the best experience of our country. By its almost inexhaustible variety of flowers, perfumes and colors, it well deserved the title of terrestrial paradise. With us you will find what you want and pleases. Must do it! WoW!


We, WoW Hint, create the most unforgettable sensations in a way to make your trip into something beyond what you see. We want to provide you with an unforgettable experience! in order to make your journey into something more than what you see

We provide exceptional service, strengthen relationships and captivate your friendship.

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    Experience at Porto

    Thank you for yesterday’s experiences they were exceptional. I will always remind myself of a superb day out and an astonishingly place and great company Yours Friends

    By John O'sullivan Liverpool

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